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Introducing the Mirror Air: Elevate Your Event with Effortless Elegance!


Experience the latest innovation in photo booth technology with the Mirror Air. Designed to be sleek, lightweight, and compact, the RGBW LED Light Framing offers a stunning and seamless addition to any occasion without compromising on style or functionality.


Whether you're hosting a wedding, a private party, or a corporate event, the Mirror Air is the perfect choice to bring an element of charm and entertainment to your gathering. Its compact size makes it incredibly versatile, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any venue, accommodating of most space constraints.


Despite its smaller footprint, the Mirror Air doesn't skimp on the experience. Step in front of the mirror and be amazed as it comes alive with interactive features, animations, and prompts that you know and love. It's an immersive and engaging journey that will keep your guests entertained throughout the event.


The Mirror Air's elegant design ensures it blends harmoniously with any theme or decor. Its streamlined appearance exudes sophistication, while the high-quality materials and finishes showcase its attention to detail.

Lightweight and easy to transport, the Mirror Air is a hassle-free choice for event organizers. Set up and dismantle with ease, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: creating lasting Xperiences and sharing joyful moments with your guests.


Contact us today to reserve the Mirror Air and add a touch of magic to your upcoming occasion. Let the Mirror Air be the compact centerpiece that steals the show and leaves an indelible impression on your guests. Get ready to Xperience the perfect blend of style, convenience, and entertainment with the Mirror Air!

Photo Booth Packages Include:

  • Unlimited Prints

  • Choice of Single 4"x6" print

    • or Double 2"x6" strip

  • Choice of Color Backdrops

  • Your Logo or Text 

  • Prop Table

  • Fits About 4-5 Comfortably.

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