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Front Office

darrell perez jr

Owner and founder of Xperience Entertainment, Darrell's enthusiastic approach and love for music and entertaining made it a perfect match for him. DJing his first event at the early age of 12, he has since fought his way to become one of Arizona's more notable companies in the event production industry and really put himself on the map. His knowledge, expertise, and network of other businesses make Xperience Entertainment the company you want on your event.

darrell perez sr

Darrell Sr. is the image of a supportive father; encouraging Darrell Jr. to follow his aspirations not only to start DJing at a young age, but to launch a successful company from that very passion.  Today, Darrell Sr continues to stand by his son attending every event, from set up to break down, a face of the company from day one. His diligent work ethic and genuineness embodies a true family business, enabling Xperience Entertainment to reach out on both a professional and personal level.

No one else in the Xperience family is better suited to helm the position of Chief Operating Officer than our very own Matt Johnson. With 11 years of experience directing and producing as a commercial videographer, he has a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for operational excellence. As our COO, Matt is responsible for overseeing our day-to-day operations and driving our company's strategic growth, working closely with our team to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation. 


David is a talented and versatile Visual Director at Xperience Entertainment. With 10 years of experience in both photography and videography, he brings a unique skill set to the team. Leading photo and video shoots, directing, conceptualizing, and executing visual campaigns, ensuring that all visual elements align with the company’s brand. David’s a creative and strategic thinker with a strong eye for composition and storytelling. They are a valuable member to our team at Xperience Entertainment.

alix koch

Alix Koch is an Event Coordinator and Director here at Xperience Entertainment. From a very young age, she has had a passion for event planning and design. With a variety of events under her belt as well as graduating with a degree in Special Event Management from Arizona State University, Alix is ready to dive headfirst into events and is primed to take your vision to the next level. She can’t wait to be a part of your dream team!

godfrey mudavanhu

Godfrey is our Director of Events here at Xperience Entertainment. His captivating spirit, and passion for people and event production is a vital addition to our Xperience team. His mastery of audio, lighting, and video is guaranteed to bring high energy and personality to all of your events!

arlo dizon

Arlo is a visual creator based in Arizona specializing in portraiture, creative editing, event photography, as well as documenting adventures in action! We believe every potential photo has a story - having been featured by Nikon USA, by VoyagePHX, and licensed by the Visual Supply Company; our Media Director knows that with the right angle, lighting, and direction, Xperience Entertainment can help bring your events to life.

talyssa elet

During her professional career, she has dipped her toes in a variety of areas within marketing and product management but her passion has always been in social media. She is great at polishing up a brand's online presence, to increase brand awareness and engagement. This has allowed Xperience to have a more active social media presence, making it easier for our customers to connect with us.


Arguably our strongest team member, Hector is a seasoned Logistics and Supply Officer at Xperience Entertainment. With 10 years of experience working in the industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. In addition to their technical skills, Hector is a strong collaborator and communicator, always striving to exceed expectations and drive projects to successful completion.


Daniel started Perez Financial Services Enterprise, Inc. in February of 2021 and is one of the founding members. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2021 with his Bachelor of Science and graduated Cum Lade. He is currently pursuing his Master In Business Administration from his Alma Mater. Before Daniel founded our firm he worked for Kate Gallego the current Mayor of Phoenix. In his capacity, he helped the constituents of the city with their needs. A mission of Daniel is to help as many people as he can for as long as he can. He finds great joy and pleasure in assisting his clients with their accounting needs.  He enjoys creating lasting professional relationships and strategizing with his clients. When he is not combing through a spreadsheet or keeping up with all things IRS you can find him either reading or traveling to the next exotic destination on his list.


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