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Having a party and wanting to add a spin to your event? Or is there a noise restriction limit for your event?

Silent Party Headphones connect to any DJ / PA System and instead of the sound coming through the loudspeakers, the party and music are only through the headphones. 

Silent Disco Headphones are an easy way to elevate your dance floor and to keep your guests engaged all night!

The most fun part of having a Silent Disco Party, is that you can have multiple DJs and/or Music Sources and your guests have ability to listen to whoever they prefer by changing the color of their headphone that matches to the Designated DJ or Music.

Silent Disco Headphones Rentals in Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale Arizona
A Bar Mitzvah with a Live DJ Using Our Silent Disco Headphone in Scottsdale, Arizona
Xperience Entertainment Silent Disco Party Headphone Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona
Our Silent Disco Headphones Set Up at an Event in Phoenix, Arizona


One of the most pivotal components of putting on a silent dance party is the music!

With over 20 years of experience we have a roster of skilled and upbeat DJ’s that will bring your event to a new height! 


Partnering our DJs with your Silent Disco Party also ensures the smooth process of set up!


Be sure to inquire about a bundle package with a DJ and Silent Disco Headphone Quote!

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