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If you are wanting a full-blown Movie Night Xperience, you have come to the right place. We have just what you need!

Our Movie Night Rentals include everything from Large Scale Movie Nights to Small Backyard Movie Night Rentals and everything else in-between! 

For Schools, This is a great opportunity to turn your parking lot or fields into a community event for everyone! Let us do the hard work!

Our Movie Night Rental options include:

  • LED Video Wall Rentals (Ideal For Large Scale and Clarity)

  • Large Inflatable Projection Screens

  • Small Mobile Projection Screens

  • Large TVs

  • Projectors

  • DVD Players

  • FM Radio Transmitters 

  • PA Systems

Mobile Projector Screen Rentals for Movie Night Rentals Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona

A Sample of our Mobile Projection Screen Sizes. We have a 144in and 120in Projection Screens Available for Rental. Skirts Are Also Available.

LED Video Wall Rental in Peoria AZ for Movie Night Rentals

Our LED Video Wall Rental (16ft x 10ft) Available for Movie Night Rentals

Common asked for LED VIDEO WALL 
screen size dimensions

5 x 3   |  8.20 x 4.92ft

7 x 4   |  11.48 x 6.56ft

9 x 5   |  14.76 x 8.20ft

10 x 6 |  16.40 x 9.84ft

12 x 7 |  19.68 x 11.48ft

12 x 8 |  19.68 x 13.12ft


A Private Movie Drive In for a family in Peoria, Arizona, Using our LED Video Wall


A Private Drive-In Night for A Corporate Event and Their Clients in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Large Scale Movie Night Rentals LED Video Wall Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Process of Setting up our Large LED Video Wall Available for Larger Scale Movie Night Rentals.

CALL US TODAY! (602) 834-0824


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