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Xperience Entertainment's roots began with DJing over 10 years ago. Our DJs put in a lot of work and training to keep up with the competitive and growing industry. Our DJs are top notch and one of a kind! From DJing weddings, birthdays, high school dances, to corporate events, they are well rehearsed and Xperienced for anything that comes their way! They are the DJ professionals you want for your event. See for yourself.



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Our DJ Line Up!

DJ Darrell 

Darrell Perez

Inspired by a close relative, Darrell started DJing at the age of 12. Having a deep passion for music and love for entertaining, it was a match made in heaven. At 12 he had his first event and that is when Xperience Entertainment was born. Now in his mid-twenties and with a degree in Business, he has provided entertainment for hundreds of events and clients. He has been fortunate enough to be able to call this his career. From being a resident DJ at various restaurants, weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and high schools, he has done it all and can really add a high energy atmosphere for you and your guests. He has personally trained and hired the DJs on staff to make sure everyone is bringing the same energy and approach he has become known for. He hopes to see you at your next event!



Scott Austin

"I've always had a love for music and making people happy, so when presented the opportunity to start DJing, it was a perfect fit! For the past 5 years, I've been able to watch people come together through music and events, and nothing brings me more joy! They call me the wedding specialist because I can make your wedding the best day of your life (besides your spouse, of course). I love mixing old school hip hop with R&B hits, but I can bring any type of music to your next event!"



Jipson Shaji

"DJing is more than a job, it's a passion that I’ve been able to share with countless people through Xperience. Some even say, aside from passion, ones love for music is what truly defines a DJ. However, what defines me as a DJ is not only my high energetic personality, but also my ability to adapt to the crowd; therefore you are having the best time of your life from the start to the end of the event. My love for old school hip-hop, as well as mixing current pop, hip-hop, and R&B are greater than none other."


South Paw

Daniel Herrera

"Since I was a kid music has been something I've always been passionate about. Being able to get a crowd of people jumping, having the time of their life, is thrilling! To me being a DJ is being able to adapt to a crowd, but never being someone you're not. Otherwise you can never really establish yourself as a DJ. You have to stay true to your roots and when you're good, you’ll tell people. But when you're great people are going to tell you. It's why I like to work hard for Xperience. It's a blessing to be where I'm at. I look forward to working with you at your event!"




Alec Galicia

"I’ve always loved music since I was little playing the piano and writing my own songs. I grew up listening to all different genres and eras of music. It’s translated to my DJing where I love mixing in the new with the old to create an experience the crowd will never forget. From modern EDM to pop and hip hop through decade-old classics, my music makes you relive memories while creating new ones."

Chris Johansson


Crazy Jams 


Chris has grown up listening to music and wanting to make it a part of his life. His career started back in junior high as he ran sound and lighting for his school’s auditorium. From there, he learned the ins and outs of live production which shifted his focus into DJing. Starting his freshman year of high school, he started DJing backyard parties, small events, and weddings. Twelve years later, he has had the opportunity to entertain people at hundreds of events such as weddings, mitzvahs, high school dances, corporate events, and even festivals! From his many years as a DJ, he knows how to get the crowd involved and how to keep the energy going. He has learned the importance of adapting to the crowd and bringing energy to every event. To Chris, this has become a part of who he is and he hopes to see you at your next event!

IMG_9056 2.JPG



Luis Morfin

"If you are looking for a bilingual DJ and MC to rock your event, I'm your guy!  I’ve always had a thing for music since I was young. I grew up listening to Mexican music because that was all my family would listen to at family gatherings. Which in turn has made me a better DJ because of my music knowledge in all sorts of genres regarding Spanish Music. But on the plus side, the music I was listening to then are still TOP hits today at all my events. I am still really into 90’s and early 2000’s R&B/RAP going back to Ginuwine, Brian McKnight, MC Hammer, Ricky Martin, Whitney Houston, TLC, and the list goes on.  I love bringing client’s memories back to life by playing the music they grew up to or music they were dancing too at the club during those days. Book me for your next event to relive those memories!"   

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